During ESA’s ministerial conference in Luzern, December 1-2, 2016, the decision will be made whether or not  to fund the Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM), a collaborative effort with the international AIDA mission. To reinforce the importance of the AIM mission within the scientific and space communities, asteroid experts Patrick Michel, Alan Fitzsimmons and Debbie Lewis drafted a letter in support of AIM, which was presented Monday November 14, at a press conference at the MfN Berlin and published here for the public to sign. To date, more than 100 well respected planetary scientists have signed the letter, in addition to policy makers, concerned citizens and prominent astronauts. The day after the ministerial conference in December, European governments will decide which ESA programmes will be funded by their respective budgets. As such, the scientific community and industry felt it essential to voice their concerns and support for AIM to the ministers in charge of space budgets, typically industry, research and/or science.